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 Neatherwish Series of Vehicles

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Kasumi Eiki
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PostSubject: Neatherwish Series of Vehicles   Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:05 pm

Name: Neatherwish G14 APC/Main Support Vehicle



Heavy 4 Barreled Hadron Cannon (Mounted on the Top)

Missile Ports (Two on the Front)

Gatling Gun (Mounted in Front of Hadron Cannon)


Two Solar Panels (Behind The Hadron Cannon)

Radio Interception Device (Next to Gatling Gun)

500 Metre Radar (Two one on the left side closest to the main APC on the Missile Launchers)

Accessories: Rocket Launchers can be placed in a number of small openings on the front and sides of the APC

Max Speed: 325 MPH

History: The Black Watch needed to get to enemies fast, but without always having to use Knightmare. They needed weaponry that could give a Knightmare a problem. So they put Knightmare weaponry on a fast truck stuck some armor plates on it and named it the Neatherwish G14.

Name: Neatherwish G88



Two Heavy Gatling Cannons (Mounted on the Front)

Two Light Howitzers (Mounted on Back)

Two Particle Blasters (Mounted on The Mid next to each other. One on each side of the body)

10 Air-Air Cluster Rockets (Mounted on Back, Brass Coloured Covers)

4 Air-Anything Small Warheads (Mounted on Wings)


2 Airwave Engines (Mounted on Back)

Ejection Cockpit

Radio-Signal Jammer

IR Flares

Accessories: -

Max Speed: 900 MPH

History: For Quick Destruction of Knightmares, Vehicles and Other Aircraft this is the best choice. Its many weapons gives it massive firepower. Its agility and Speed make it a hard target and destroy. It has room for up to 12 soldiers inside so it can provide backup quickly and easily. Its radio jamming means it is useful for surprise attacks. It is a force to be reckoned with.

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Neatherwish Series of Vehicles
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