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 Dark Templar Vehicles

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Necron Lord
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PostSubject: Dark Templar Vehicles   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:04 pm

Name: Hellfire Anti-Air tank


Weaponry: 8 laser guided heavy missiles. 6 anti-light vehicle and personnel guns*two forward, two left, and two right.

Equipment: Shield Generator, 1000 meter radar, Radar Scramblers, com-system, and self-destruct function(in case someone tries to steal it)

Accessories: Can replace missiles to Missiles that release electrified steel nets for capturing mechs.

Max Speed: 250 MPH

History: The Hellfire Anti-Air Tank was created by the Weapons Devision to give the Dark Templar a way to take care of any aircraft that could be in the sky. They are heavily armored but that also makes then a bit slow.

Name: Meteor Artillery tank


Weaponry: three long range artillery cannon each firing cluster bombs that are used to take out many targets at once. These bombs can take out a knightmare if they can hit them but that is a rare thing to happen.

Equipment: Radar Scrambler, highly advanced targeting software, com-system, energy shield, and self-destruct function.

Accessories: It can be given upgraded to fire EMP shells that can be used to take out machines and mechs so they can be captured.

Max Speed: 150 MPH

History: The Meteor Artillery Tank is a heavily armored mobile Artillery unit that is used to bombard an area with heavy explosives so to soften up an area before the Dark Templar's units move in to secure the area.

Name: Mobile Fortress APC


Weaponry: Dual high Explosive cannons, dual anti-personnel heavy machine gun, and two EMP grenade launchers.

Equipment: Radar Scrambler, com-system, energy shield, and self-destruct function.

Accessories: Can be given many different medical equipment so that injured soldiers can be treated of their wounds. It can also be given gun ports so that the men inside can shoot at targets.

Max Speed: 300 MPH

History: The Mobile Fortress APC is a very large personnel transport that was made by the Weapons Devision so that the Dark Templar can get to a place very fast and give anything that messes with them hell. The machine is heavily armored but that has caused it to be slower than normal APC's

Name: MB-300 Fighter Bomber.


Weaponry: Dual heavy Hadron Cannons (on the front), Dual AA Gun(on top of it), Dual heavy Machine guns with explosive rounds(on the back)
It also has two missile system hidden in the sides of the bomber that fold in and out to fire, each one fires two rockets at a time.

It can carry a wide assortment of bombs, Heavy Explosive bombs, Acid bombs, and Smoke Bombs.

Equipment: Radar Scrambler, com-system, energy shield, self-destruct function, and ejection seats.

Accessories: It can be equipped with a grappling system so it can carry one heavy vehicle but at the cost of carrying bombs and personnel. It can also be cleared out so that it can carry personnel into battle but it then looses it's bombs.

Max Speed: 600 MPH

History: The MB-300 Fighter Bomber is a model created just for the Dark Templar, it is a Fighter Bomber that can also be used to carry personnel, heavy bombs, and vehicles into a battlefield. It is equipped with many heavy guns so it was required to use four jet engines for it to fly at a respectable speed, it is also heavily armored so it has also slowed it down.

Name: Shade Scout Vehicle


Weaponry: Single light Particle Cannon, light missile launcher that can fire 8 small missiles, and an V-200 machine gun with anti-personnel acid rounds.

Equipment: Radar Scrambler, com-system, energy shield, self-destruct function, and many different sensors.

Accessories: It can be equipped to deal with dangerous environments, such as nuclear fall out.

Max Speed: 400 MPH

History: The Shade Scout Vehicle is used by the Dark Templar to scout out an area for enemies and to find where their targets are located, it is lightly armored so that it can move fast but it will take a enough damage so that the crew can get out of the area so that they do not get killed by enemy fire. But thanks to the Dark Templars like of firepower it was slowed down by the guns on it and also it can only carry a few men into a fight.


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Kasumi Eiki
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Templar Vehicles   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:06 pm

Sure why not.

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Dark Templar Vehicles
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