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 RPI-212 Vincent

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PostSubject: RPI-212 Vincent   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:13 pm

Name:RPI-212 Vincent

Years of Service: 2-3yrs

Armaments: slash harken x 2, needle blazer x 2, MVS (maser vibration sword) lance type x 2/twin-edged MVS lance type x 1, assault rifle w/grenade launcher x 1, hadron cannons (later modification)

Picture Or Description:

Variants: the one piloted by guilford is the only other vincent revealed

Type of Energy Core: sakuradite

Attachable Equipment: Factsphere sensor 2
Landspinner propulsion system
Optional Float System
Cockpit Ejection system

History:The Vincent is the mass-production variant of the Lancelot. It is introduced a year after the "Black Rebellion", the Black Knights' attempted invasion of Tokyo.

The Vincent's mobility is comparable to the Lancelot's, but its design still differs markedly from its predecessor. Its two Factspheres are mounted in its shoulders instead of on its chest, and it only has two hip-mounted Slash Harkens which are not equipped with Harken Boosters. In addition, it does not possess MSV shielding. Its Maser Vibration Swords are slightly different from the Lancelot's, in that they are shaped more like spears, and can be attached at the hilts to form a double-bladed lance. It does features a new weapon not found on the Lancelot: Electric Needle Blazers, weapons mounted in the elbows which can punch a hole through an enemy Knightmare by connecting with the frame.

The first prototype of the Vincent is a yellow and red model loaned to the intelligence division of Britannia and piloted by Rolo Lamperouge. Gilbert G.P. Guilford pilots a production model which is destroyed and replaced in episode six of the second season, while the Valkyrie Squad is shown flying a pink-on-white model. Aside from the colour scheme of its armor, there are no noticeable differences among the three models shown. One diverging point however, is that the commander version uses a Float System backpack with a matching color scheme; the prototype, having fallen into the Black Knights' hands, is shown to use the Float System developed by Rakshata, which is also used on the Guren Flight-Enabled Version and the Akatsuki variants.

After his year of physical training he found rakashad and had her do some modifications to the vincent and at the same time fix it up from all the damage it received. She greed to add only a hadron cannon because the vincent was quite a magnificent creation that she didn't want to ruin it. so all that was added was a hadron cannon into the chest piece.
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PostSubject: Re: RPI-212 Vincent   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:36 pm


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RPI-212 Vincent
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