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 the dark angels test drive

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the black angel
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PostSubject: the dark angels test drive   Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:47 pm

vincent came to the forbiden city to test his new knightmare frame that he had created specificly for him code name the dark angel. as vincent sits in the cockpit he tests out the controls seeing if everything is as it should be. next he tested out the weapons system drawing the large hook slicing at targets that pop up. as vincent watched the targets cut in half he began to take notes. he then drew the razor wire from the finger tips of the knightmare cutting five targets at once. taking more notes down. ok now to test the movement vincent said moveing the controls swriving thru cones and debre testing the reflexes as well. stopping short he jumped and checked out the flight system jumping up flying useing the jet system testing the top speed of the knightmare then dropping comeing down slowly. as vincent tured the knightmare off he wrote more notes down ok this is good just need to calibrate the brakes and then the reaction time and it waill be good. hopping out the knightmare working on the legs and jets. after a hours of wrok he finished hiding it so no one would notice the knightmare he fell asleep

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Kasumi Eiki
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PostSubject: Re: the dark angels test drive   Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:39 pm

OOC: A few edits required. No Ghettos, can't destroy buildings, your in a training ground or something.

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the dark angels test drive
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