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 MBM-352 Knightmare

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PostSubject: MBM-352 Knightmare   Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:47 pm

Name: MBM-352 Knightmare

Standard Weaponry: Dual MSV Blades *one for each arm*

Dual missile launcher system that fire laser guided heavy explosive missiles that will explode if anything gets near them thanks to proximity sensors.*On each shoulder*

Has two sets of grappler system systems in their sides each side will fire out two grapples at a target

A smoke screen system that also fires out to hide them from enemy fire.*comes out of their chest vents*

They also have those Grenades that hover in the air and bombard a place with some kind of stuff that tears up things, but I forget the name they are called (tell me and I will put the name down) *these are hidden in the hips*


Compatible Equipment: Anything that is made by the Britannia Weapons, Medical, and Robotics Devisions

Type of Energy Core: Plasma power core

Built In Equipment: Advanced Targeting system, MSV Shield, and self-destruct function.

History: MBM-352 Knightmare was created by the Weapons and Robotics Devisions so that the Shadowbane would have some back up when in a battle, they are good at close range fighting but thanks to their missile system they are good at attacking from range. They are almost as strong as the Shadowbane but they are a bit slower and less armored.

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Kasumi Eiki
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PostSubject: Re: MBM-352 Knightmare   Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:36 pm


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MBM-352 Knightmare
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