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 Guren Mk-II

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PostSubject: Guren Mk-II   Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:48 pm

I hope this is okay. I got a bit comfused about what was needed to do. ^.^;;
If this is okay, I'm sure there are a few mistakes made. >.<

Name: Guren Mk-II

Years of Service: 1 Year.

Armaments: None.

Picture Or Description:

Variants: None.

Type of Energy Core: A core like that of the Lancelot's.

Attachable Equipment: Radiant Wave Surger, Fork Knife, Slash Harken, Gernade Launcher.

History: It was created as a top-notche knightmare, able to keep up with knightmares such as Lancelot. Although the Guren Mk-II's speed and strength can easily keep up with the likes of Lancelot, the Guren Mk-II lacks long range weapons, resulting in it's use of defensive close-combat tactics.
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Guren Mk-II
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