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 Well sence were all posting ad's now.

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PostSubject: Well sence were all posting ad's now.   Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:13 pm

Im posting an Ad for my RP site I made. All Cannonís are open at the moment, Aside from Gilgamesh as that is who I am. I need memberís and people who will help with site construction, Yes this meanís Admin and Mod spotís are open. Please join with the link provided below. I'm not to great at actually making the site's but sence I've yet to come across one of these I wanted to make one.

(Note: It is still under construction and I will need poeple to help build sectionís, and by help I mean tell me what I forgot to put in and make me put it it.)
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Well sence were all posting ad's now.
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